Kickstarting the Resurrection

Michael Patton over at Credo House had a vision: to create high quality courses on apologetic and theological topics that the lay person could afford so that they could study alongside the top scholars in their respected fields.

For instance, this past summer Credo House had another kickstarter campaign where they created a course on Textual Criticism taught by one of the world’s foremost and respected scholars on the subject, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace. This course looks to be delivered to the public for purchase in September of this year.

Credo House has several ideas for future courses to be created over the next couple of years. The next course on the list, which happens to be a topic that is close to my heart and mind, is on the Resurrection. This course will be taught by none-other than Dr. Gary Habermas. Dr. Habermas has spent nearly the last 40 years on this topic studying, lecturing, writing, debating, etc. Now, Credo House is bringing him in to create and teach on this topic, but they need our help to do so.

The Resurrection is the most important topic in Christianity because all of Christendom is founded upon this singular historical event. All one needs to do to demonstrate that Christianity is false is to disprove the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Dr. Habermas has taught countless of people both in an academic setting and through his articles and books to defend the historicity of the Resurrection event.

If you have the means, the ability, and the heart to do so, I would strongly encourage you to donate to this wonderful course. I am sure Michael and the rest of those at Credo House would appreciate the gesture. Also, it would be such a wonderful study and tool for the church in general to use to train those in their congregations how to defend this cherished and crucial doctrines of Christendom.

To see the kickstarter campaign for the Textual Criticism course taught by Dr. Wallace, you can see that here.

To see the kickstarter campaign for the Resurrection course taught by Dr. Habermas, please go here and back it if you are so led.